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Ever since ancient times, ceremonies or rites of some kind have been connected with death which involve the disposal of the human body after death.
Funeral customs differ according to the traditions and beliefs of different countries and different people of the world.

In Ghana, earth burial which is the practice of enclosing a corpse in a casket or coffin and placing it in a grave six feet deep together with attendant ceremonies is the method used. However, for quite a long time now, Earth burial is becoming more and more unpopular. Dead person are no longer guaranteed 6 feet deep grave space in a place like Accra

Cremation is that method of disposal of the dead by the rapid combustion of the corpse to ashes. The whole corpse thereafter is reduced to about 51b of inorganic ash that may be subsequently buried, stored in urns, kept in the house or disposed of in other ways.


For some time now, cremation as a means of the disposal of the human body after death has engaged the attention of some schools of thought in Ghana and particularly the:
Indian Association of Ghana,
Buddhist and Hindu School of thought in Ghana,
The Theosophical Society of West Africa,
The Eckankar Satsang Society of Ghana,
Some Diplomatic Missions,
Methodist Church,
Roman Catholic Church,
Anglican Church,
Presbyterian Church as well as certain individuals. The result was the formation of Ridge Cremation 1977 which has among its aims, the Education of the people of Ghana to accept Cremation as a better method of the disposal of the dead than earth burial
Ridge cremation recognizes that a modern community needs a modern cremation service. The company is therefore doing is best to setup a cremation service with modern crematoria using gas or electricity.

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