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Founded in 1977, Ridge Cremation is an International company composed of cremationists, cemeterians, funeral directors, industry suppliers and consultants. Ridge Cremation members believe that cremation is preparation for Memorialization. 

Ridge Cremation was originally formed to promote the "modern way" and the "safe and hygienic way" of dealing with a dead human body. It was a form of disposition and memorialization of the deceased. 

At that time, and up into the early 20's, cremation was the choice of the wealthy and the well-educated. All crematories were located on cemetery property and elaborate columbariums were built for the elaborate urns then being used.

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To educate the people of Ghana to accept Cremation as a better way of disposal of the Dead than earth burial.

To bring together the people of Ghana who believe in Cremation, as a better way of the dead.

To affiliate with International organizations with similar Aims, and Objectives as THE CREMATION SOCEITY OF GREAT BRITAIN
( The International Section of Pharos ).

To seek the Assistance of Government and the general public to build modern Cremation in Ghana
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